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Our Dark Side


Ever had a thought so terrible that you are too ashamed to even admit produced it?  It’s like someone or something momentarily hijacked your brain waves.  It happens to all humans, and some have coined this phenomenon our shadow self.  It’s human nature to battle with duality.  The Jekyll and Hyde affect.  The battle front against inner demons have kept psychologists in business for many years.

The problem is, there may be no problem at all.  Being human means duality.  Only God possesses a truly unified consciousness of love.  Because we have free will, we have the ability to create a consciousness or thought that is the opposite of God, or the opposite of unity.  The best definition of this thought product is fear.

God had a thought, and here we are.  We had a thought that differed from God’s view, and hell was created as it is the opposite of God.  Hell is the manifestation of duality (good versus evil).  A thought started it all.  Thoughts are things, don’t forget that.

So what do we do with this self-created hell?  In the book The Shadow Effect by Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, and Marianne Williamson, we are given solutions.  Often solutions are sought via religious texts, activist groups, and political righteousness.  Unfortunately these cultivate an “us” versus “them” mentality, which is the opposite of God or unity.  As I said earlier, God is all encompassing and is unified in love.  The moment duality or “us” versus “them” is created, the shadow is ignited to grow.

There is nothing wrong with groups that uphold love and gather in servitude and kindness but one must keep the mind focused on unity and understanding as oppose to defeating evil.  Victor and victim depict duality, which supports the shadow; however, understanding and unity are not bipolar and support God consciousness.

Solutions to unify with, accept, and illuminate the shadow will bring us closer to God consciousness.

The shadow is understood as:

  • The secret, dark side of yourself you refuse to acknowledge as part of you
  • Any habits you wouldn’t admit you have
  • All of our fears, worries, anxieties, guilt, and shame
  • The side of us that wants to place blame
  • Isolation

Unifying the shadow is understood as:

  • Acknowledge it exists, and is indeed a part of you
  • Releasing judgement and forgiving the shadow
  • Moving on with your life, focusing on positive projection
  • Focusing on unity and collective well-being

Some may ask, “What is projection?”  Projection are feelings you place on others that are really your own.  An extremely joyful person projects joy, which enables that person to see joy in other people.  An extremely fearful person projects fear, which enables that person to see fear in other people.

You may then ask “how can I focus on unity?”  Unity is love, and a knowingness that really as humans we share experiences and thoughts.  My pain is felt by all humans and my joy is celebrated by all.  The knowingness that we are all experiencing together, there is no isolation.

Chopra D, Ford D, Williamson M.  The Shadow Effect.  Harper Collins Publishing.  New York, New York.  2010.

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Hidden Messages

PandGI recently read a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer titled Memories of Heaven. It’s a collection of short stories told by parents about their children’s fascinating stories and proclamations of being with God in heaven before birth. As I read the book, a few of my own children’s stories were validated. I had no idea so many other parents have experienced the same thing. Here’s one of my stories.

Before my daughter’s birth, or even the thought of her birth, back in the My Space days (for me 2005-2007) I blogged about a bizarre but comforting phrase that popped into my head every morning and frequently throughout the day. The thought was a little voice that said “I love you.” In the beginning I thought it was so weird that myself was telling myself “I love you”…almost every day. “How selfish” I thought, but as it continued I accepted that maybe it was God or my grandmother telling me “I love you.” This made it feel more normal. I continued to be perplexed at how and why…even when I thought I’d forget for one day…there it was “I love you.”

About 2 years after it began it disappeared, and I didn’t even realize it–until my daughter started talking. The first time she told me “I love you mommy,” brought tears to my eyes and made life so totally worth it! From that day on she tells me multiple times a day and at random “I love you.” She’ll pause her favorite show on YouTube and yell “MOMMY!” I’ll come running in thinking there’s a minor emergency, and she’ll politely say “I love you.” Today I dropped her off at her class, she got half way through the door, ran back out in a hurry, tugged on my sleeve, and whispered in my ear “I love you,” then happily ran into her classroom.

Her consistency made me remember the little voice that paraded through my mind continuously for two years “I love you.” I can consciously think “I love you,” but it’s not the voice…it’s not the same. I can’t help but think it was her the whole time. God proves to us what is real in the unseen, we just don’t take the initiative to realize it…silly, left brained humans we are!

Her diligent nature also encourages me to love myself. She’s so deep in her five years of wisdom! Loving yourself is hard…really hard…I’m still figuring it out—trying to erode years of low self-esteem and unworthiness—it’s getting easier and more clear so that’s good.

Pay attention to those little “downloads” you receive either in an odd thought, or in a repeating phrase that may come through friends, billboards, coworkers, kids, and spouses—it may be the voice of something divine trying to get your attention.