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Our Dark Side


Ever had a thought so terrible that you are too ashamed to even admit produced it?  It’s like someone or something momentarily hijacked your brain waves.  It happens to all humans, and some have coined this phenomenon our shadow self.  It’s human nature to battle with duality.  The Jekyll and Hyde affect.  The battle front against inner demons have kept psychologists in business for many years.

The problem is, there may be no problem at all.  Being human means duality.  Only God possesses a truly unified consciousness of love.  Because we have free will, we have the ability to create a consciousness or thought that is the opposite of God, or the opposite of unity.  The best definition of this thought product is fear.

God had a thought, and here we are.  We had a thought that differed from God’s view, and hell was created as it is the opposite of God.  Hell is the manifestation of duality (good versus evil).  A thought started it all.  Thoughts are things, don’t forget that.

So what do we do with this self-created hell?  In the book The Shadow Effect by Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, and Marianne Williamson, we are given solutions.  Often solutions are sought via religious texts, activist groups, and political righteousness.  Unfortunately these cultivate an “us” versus “them” mentality, which is the opposite of God or unity.  As I said earlier, God is all encompassing and is unified in love.  The moment duality or “us” versus “them” is created, the shadow is ignited to grow.

There is nothing wrong with groups that uphold love and gather in servitude and kindness but one must keep the mind focused on unity and understanding as oppose to defeating evil.  Victor and victim depict duality, which supports the shadow; however, understanding and unity are not bipolar and support God consciousness.

Solutions to unify with, accept, and illuminate the shadow will bring us closer to God consciousness.

The shadow is understood as:

  • The secret, dark side of yourself you refuse to acknowledge as part of you
  • Any habits you wouldn’t admit you have
  • All of our fears, worries, anxieties, guilt, and shame
  • The side of us that wants to place blame
  • Isolation

Unifying the shadow is understood as:

  • Acknowledge it exists, and is indeed a part of you
  • Releasing judgement and forgiving the shadow
  • Moving on with your life, focusing on positive projection
  • Focusing on unity and collective well-being

Some may ask, “What is projection?”  Projection are feelings you place on others that are really your own.  An extremely joyful person projects joy, which enables that person to see joy in other people.  An extremely fearful person projects fear, which enables that person to see fear in other people.

You may then ask “how can I focus on unity?”  Unity is love, and a knowingness that really as humans we share experiences and thoughts.  My pain is felt by all humans and my joy is celebrated by all.  The knowingness that we are all experiencing together, there is no isolation.

Chopra D, Ford D, Williamson M.  The Shadow Effect.  Harper Collins Publishing.  New York, New York.  2010.

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Lets Make Mouthwash!

So easy and simple! Get rid of bad morning breath and buttery teeth. The BEST mothwash recipe is below. So easy, so cheap.

Everyday swish:

Fill a glass container with filtered water (about 500mL or 32oz).

Add 1-2tsp baking soda

Add 10 drops peppermint oil

Shake and set it on the bathroom sink, it won’t spoil.

Whitening Swish:

Fill a glass container half with filtered water and half with hydrogen peroxide (totaling 500mL or 32oz)

Add 10 drops peppermint oil

Shake and set it on the bathroom sink, it won’t spoil.

Check out my periscope showing you how to make it!


Spirit & spirits Mentorship Program!


The Drunken Medium (@thedrunkenmedium aka Bernardo), and I are pleased to start a mentorship program for like-minded, professional, family-oriented individuals who enjoy cocktails, drinks, or spirits from time to t
ime and have been touched by angels, loved ones who have passed, or Spirit.

Spirit & spirit

In 1 Corinthians 12 Apostle Paul tells us we all have the ability to connect with God. For us humans though, we just have to recognize it.

We will launch our first mentorship program on June 4, 2016. This small group is limited to 10 people and costs $122 per person. The first session will give an introduction to spirituality and cover the following topics:

  • religion vs. spirituality
  • clairs
  • chakras
  • auras

We feel these topics are fundamental. We will build on these topics in future sessions.

You’re not crazy…

What you feel, see, hear, and know without knowing is all real. Can you walk into a room and sense an argument recently happen? Do you take on other people’s energy? Do you see color around people? Do you hear a small voice telling you what to do? Most of the time, this is Spirit trying to communicate to us.

Our mentorship program offers the following:

  • 30-minute call before our June 4, 2016 session with Dr. Amanda or Bernardo
  • 2-hour session on periscope
  • 30-minute post-session call with Dr. Amanda or Bernardo
  • Private Facebook page to surround yourself with like-minded individuals
  • Participates are encouraged to complete a 30-minute reverse periscope session. Dr. Amanda or Bernardo will watch you practice your gifts on someone and give immediate feedback.


  • Payment required by May 30, 2016

o paypal.me/theDrunkenMedium

  • Periscope account
  • Open heart and mind

Once you have paid you will receive a confirms e-mail from us!

Please use the following video link for more information!



Shhh…Did You Hear That?

Shhh!  Did you hear that?!  How on earth did you miss it?  It has been resonating in your ear for a week.  You knew it all along but decided to go against it.  A fight to the finish.  In one corner is the ego, and in the other intuition.  It’s really a one sided fight because intuition is divinely guided, ever patient, and full of grace allowing ego to win if it must.

The voice of God is often felt not heard.  Spoken word is of the flesh but divine messages are of the heart.  I recently finished a quick read by Echo Bodine called A Still, Small Voice.  Echo emphasizes the power and accuracy of intuition.  As we begin to follow the small voice in our head and the impression of our heart, we will live in synch with the universe and observe how things perfectly and effortlessly fall into place.  Stress will ease and fear will subside.  Since reading this book, I have committed to honoring intuition, the voice of God, versus my ego. Let me give you one recent example from my life.

As my kids get older, my weekends get busier with sporting events, birthday parties, get-togethers, and family activities.   I also have several personal commitments and goals that I simply pile on top of these in an effort to maintain my individuality, my pre-children life, and my ego.  These things include work, exercise, girls’ nights, and hobbies.

This past weekend is a prime example of how clustered a weekend can get, and I know many of you can relate!  Friday I had to work, go to my son’s program at school, #Periscope with my sister about getting more sleep.  Saturday I signed up for a CrossFit competition, both of my children had soccer pictures followed by soccer games, I had to go to the grocery store, and my husband was on shift all day.  Sunday we had church, family photos with my husband’s side of the family an hour away, and then a birthday dinner for my mother.

In my ego I am Super Mom, and I can juggle everything; however, my intuition speaks the truth of my higher good.  Starting on Monday I began having anxiety and tension in my throat regarding the weekend knowing I was going to have to let someone down.  By Wednesday, I was still planning and strategizing.  I had Friday and Sunday figured out but Saturday was still a hot mess.  It was too much to ask anyone to take my children to soccer pictures and soccer games, so I was trying to figure out how to make it to at least part of the competition.  The tension in my throat continued to grow, I sprouted a few pimples stressing over how to juggle my children on Saturday.  Finally by Friday afternoon, I realized that I would have to miss the CrossFit competition completely.  My heart was heavy because the competition was for charity and I felt I would be a disappointment not to honor my commitment.  I finally gave in and threw my hands in the air.  My gut was telling me that I couldn’t miss the pictures or the games for the competition.

A busy Friday led to a busy Saturday morning as I rushed around feeding, bathing, and preparing for a day at the soccer fields—a single mom’s life is crazy hard! Due to my and my husband’s work schedule we are often alone in the parenting game.  The tension in my throat had eased but I continued to harbor guilt about missing the competition.  I knew I made the right decision though.  Pictures were uneventful, but I realized something special was about to happen as our coach put my daughter in a new line up for the game.  In the 3rd quarter she scored her first goal in three seasons!  My daughter has played on the same team so parents and kids alike were on their feet cheering and high-fiving.  Parents were congratulating me!  The girls on the team were so happy to see her finally get her first goal.  It was the sweetest picture to see 5 and 6 year old girls filled with such joy for their teammate.  My introverted child stifled a grin but held her head high for the rest of the game.

If I had ignored intuition and gone with my egocentric planning, I would have missed it all.  It wasn’t until after the game that I could fully understand and articulate what my body had been telling me all week.  I wasn’t meant to be at the competition, I was meant to be at the game!  Can you imagine the guilt I’d have felt if neither my husband nor I weren’t present for her first goal?!

Knee Pain: Look Above and Below

“My knees never bother me”—said no one ever. Everyone has experienced either a complex knee injury or a simple tweak that is now haunting. “Oh great, my knee doesn’t hurt anymore”…<perform max squat clean>…”Never mind.” Here’s another scenario—”I’ve never had knee pain”…<gain 10 pounds>…”Why do my knees hurt all the time?!” The knees and low back are the middle ground, Switzerland, neutral territory. With neutrality comes comprise. Our knees and back compromise when the feet, hips, and upper body battle.

Look above and look below. What does this mean? It’s important to look at the joint or structure above the knee pain and below it to fully treat the problem manifesting in the knee.

In the foot, we’re looking for over-pronation (flat feet, knock knees) or under-pronation (rigid feet, bow legged). A simple correction to a neutral foot position may remedy knee pain. This may mean changing shoe type, getting new shoes, or getting a running/walking shoe evaluation (done at many running stores on a treadmill for free).

In the hip, we are looking for a neutral pelvis, leg length, muscular weakness (typically the gluteals in adults), and muscular tightness (quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, piriformis), which may be affecting knee position and function. Correcting leg length in athletes may greatly reduce knee and back pain.

Here’re a couple of tips to deal with knee pain:

1)  Stretch—seriously, at least 1-2 times a week spend some quality time stretching. Stretches specific to the knee include: hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus, piriformis, gastrocnemius, and soleus.

2)  Joint mobilization—Try a gentle knee mobilization with a towel roll hold 30 sec to 2 minutes and repeat as feels comfortable.

3)  Strengthen—Target the gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, and hamstrings.

4)  Good shoes—don’t wait until the tread wears off or until your pinky toe is sticking out to get new shoes. Generally, for those exercising daily, this means zapatos nuevos every 6 months.

5)  Correcting leg length—this may be as simple as adding an insert or heel lift in the shoe of the short leg. For significant discrepancies (greater than 1cm) the use of a shoe cobbler may be beneficial to build the shoe up from the outside.  Many times shoes can be altered (even cute sandals) with no apparent, aesthetic, difference.

heel lift

6)  Knee sleeves—I know I know…I hate to rely on supportive devices but my left knee has converted me. For those of us squatting (especially below parallel), lunging, and lifting regularly, a knee sleeve can alleviate pain during these tasks. DO NOT wear the sleeve 24/7 unless recommended to do so by a PT or physician.

knee sleeves

7)  Allow time to heal—for a solid 10 WHOLE days after the initial injury, avoid movements that exacerbate the pain. In this time, you are stretching, strengthening, and mobilizing pain limited or pain-free. You may implement knee sleeves if returning to the activity continues to cause some pain.

8)  Maintain a healthy weight—fast every now and then. From my observation, the leading cause of knee pain is carrying around too much weight. The quantity of food I can consume in one sitting has changed drastically since fasting (I’m a small lady but I can eat!). Over one year, I worked my way up to tolerating a liquid only fast for 24 hours about once a week. If I have a crazy hard workout planned on a fasting day, I definitely throw some protein powder in the mix. I also allow myself to fail if it’s getting too hard and I need dinner—I just pick it back up again next week. This practice and regular exercise keep me in check.

**all of these recommendations are in the absence of a severe injury that requires medical attention such as a fracture, or ligamentous tear. You’ll know its severe if the pain intensity stays the same and function continues to be inhibited or impossible.