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5 Things Everyone Can Do NOW To Be Happy and Healthy

5 Things EVERYONE…despite disease, disability, and pain…can safely do NOW to create a happier, healthier life.  No need to wait until after Christmas or the New Year.  Let’s make some positive changes!

  • Eat healthy
  • Bike or swim
  • Yoga and breath practice
  • Meditate and pray
  • Create and help others

Eat healthy:  Many of you will skip this explanation because you’ve heard in a thousand times.  I hate to beat a dead horse but seriously…eat the produce aisle.

Bike or swim:  I don’t care what physical deficits or injury you may have.  One of these two will work.  In severe cases (those with para or quadriplegia or wheelchair bound) assistance may be required and the pool may be the only option.  The benefits of elevating the heartrate are phenomenal for hormonal balance, happiness, heart and lung health, and a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Yoga and breath practice:  If yoga is too difficult, begin with breath practice.  If you are conscious and breathing, you can perform breath practice.  Research beginners breath practice, slow steady breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, or breath awareness practices.  Breath practice is a standalone practice or a great addition to a yoga practice.

Meditate and pray:  Again, if you are conscious and breathing, you can meditate and pray.  Incorporate this into your daily life.  A little bit of research on the internet or iTunes will get you plenty of free resources to use.

Create and help othersThis is the most important of the five. We must perform work to complete our human task.  It’s essential to health and wellness.  Holding a formal job is not necessary.  Each week commit a minimum of 1-2 days focusing on giving back.  Giving back creates an environment of enablement as oppose to the tangled forest of a disablement, disease, and dysfunction.  Your work can be in the form of a blogging, letter writing, and any kind of art creations to give away or sell, volunteering anywhere, or making phone calls to relatives that need social interaction.

Your schedule may look something like this:

Monday:  Bike or swim 10-20 minutes.  Eat Healthy

Tuesday:  Create for others (your work), meditate.  Eat Healthy

Wednesday:  Bike or swim 10-20 minutes

Thursday:  Meditate or breath practice.  Eat Healthy

Friday:  Yoga, create for others.  Eat Healthy

Saturday:  Have fun

Sunday:  Have fun

Holiday Magic

Holiday magic…real or not real? One of my favorite songs speaks of the magic that is within each of us. The magic within the Christmas story and Jesus’ birth continues to have human vessels. Just as the song tells us, what made mountains move, and rose Jesus from the grave is alive, and “the same power…lives in us.” Whaaatt??!!

A few years ago, I explained to my three year old that God’s magic took our doggie to heaven overnight. She looked very sad for a moment then said “I wish I had magic powers too!” I laughed at how she lamented the absence of her magical powers over the death of our dog!

Additionally, I recently explained to my children that vital essence of Santa’s magic is our ability to use our imagination to believe in the unseen.

What I’ve come to realize, is that our magic is real (my daughter will be so happy!). Through God we are more. It’s the realization that the movement of our body, our thoughts, words, and reactions can all be extensions of Him and his word if we let it. The same power alive in Jesus is very alive in us. God loves us so much, he gave us his Spirit…that’s not something you can wrap to place under the tree—it’s perfectly wrapped and placed within.

The physical therapist’s therapeutic spin–

To ignite some holiday magic, remember that the same power that creates miracles, and converts cynics is alive in you. To completely heal we must recognize, believe, and connect with the God force within. The Spirit is patiently waiting for you to spark the flame. Recent cell research has shown that the power of our mind is more determinant upon our health than genetics. Think about that! YOUR THOUGHTS determine your health more so than inheritance. So BELIEF is the key…belief that you are more, and that you can heal and co-create a miracle from within. To me, that’s a clear sign of the magical Spirit He sent to keep within.

Merry Christmas!