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Riding a Light Beam


I’ve always had a fascination with Einstein.  Specifically silly pictures of him…and his crazy hair.  He kinda reminds me of myself.  If I were half crazy/half genius I’d roll the same way.  Plus his name starts with an A, like me, he’s a scientist, like I claim to be, and he had a mouth against authority, like me.  Although I’m no lab rat, I do possess a BS in Biology and a MS.  Unfortunately I had to get out from under the microscope into macro land to find vocational peace and happiness.  Spending a lifetime working in a land essentially nonexistent to 99.9% of the human race can and will make you a little kooky.

How to Think Like Einstein by Scott Thorpe landed in my lap while book shopping prior to a vacation.  I was immediately drawn to Einstein’s crazy hair peeking out from the bottom of the cover.  It was immediately tucked under my arm for purchase.

This book is great for anyone with a problem to solve.

The first basic concept is that Einstein was a rule breaker.  It was his rule breaking and maniacal imagination that issued his answer to quantum physics.  Essentially if you want to find a solution, you need to break the rules, think crazy and outlandish thoughts, and seek advice in places and people you’d typically refuse to learn from.  Here’s the catch.  If you want to break the rules, you’ve got to understand that you have placed rules on yourself that you may not be consciously aware of.  These are the rules that land us in ruts of thinking, which limits solutions (aka a rule rut).  You’ve gotten into a rut of thinking, and you don’t even know you’re in it!  Get out!  He offers magnificent tips on how to accomplish this.

To remain out of rule ruts, and closer to solutions, practice outlandish thinking every day.  Allow your imagination to run wild.  What is the craziest, most insane answer to your problem?  Now brainstorm how this may actually be the solution.  Even if it isn’t, it may lead you to something that is.  Next, ask for the solution from people and places totally unlike yourself.  In doing so make sure it is known that all thoughts and ideas will be received and considered.  The possible solutions will either be used or reserved for use in the future.

My favorite take-home message from the book is the fact the Einstein found his solution through imagining that he was riding on a light beam.  This has encouraged me not to judge my crazy day dreams but to welcome them and to actually practice them.  My Einstein genius will only be revealed in doing so.  How cool is that?!

Book List

Many people have asked for a list of books I’d recommend or have read.  Well…here they are!  I’ll try to keep the list updated as more are added.  Of course there are many books I’ve forgotten or can’t remember the title or author so I’d say this is a list of the most recent :).

The Impersonal Life—Joseph Benner

Talking to Heaven—James Van Praagh

Ghosts among us—James Van Praagh

Heaven and Earth—James Van Praagh

Reaching to Heaven—James Van Praagh

Looking Beyond—James Van Praagh

A Still, Small Voice:  A Psychic’s Guide to Awakening Intuition–Echo Bodine

Heaven is For Real—Colten Burpo


Secrets of Meditation–Davidji

How to Think Like Einstein—Scott Thorpe

Medical Medium—Anthony William

The Bhagavad GitaSage Vyasa

The Bible—God

Using Your Chakras:  A new Approach to healing Your Life.–Ruth White

The Earth Diet—Liana Werner Gray

You Are What You Eat—Gillian McKeith

Unbound:  A Practical Guide to Deliverance—Neal Lozano

The Big Book of Angel Tarot—Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

Memories of Heaven—Wayne Dyer

Dying to be Me—Anita Moorjani

Wisdom of Scovel Shinn—Florence Scovel Shinn

Divine Magic—Doreen Virtue

Same Kind of Different As Me–Denver Moore, Lynn Vincent, and Ron Hall

Mary, Queen of Angels—Doreen Virtue

The Forgotten Promise–Sherry Wilde

The Power of Love–James Van Praagh

Life Changing Foods–Anthony William

The Shadow Effect–Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, Marianne Williamson