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Vegan Gluten Free Panckaes

The Simple Mills factory is at it again! Rocking my breakfast world with these super clean pancakes. Of course I use my vegan butter on top, pure maple syrup, and OF COURSE I substituted vegan ingredients (including a flax “egg” substitute* and almond milk for cow’s milk). Whipped ’em up on the griddle and #donelikedinner!

*you can totally leave out the egg or flax “egg” substitute, add a tiny bit more almond milk, and it’s JUST AS GOOD.

Vegan Butter

I am LOVING this recipe from The Earth Diet. I will red wine, it’s an acquired taste, but now that I’ve used it a few times #cantlivewithout! This recipe uses apple cider vinegar, olive oil, almond milk (I used my cinnamon-y home made version to give it a kick).

For the full recipe check out The Earth Diet by Liana Werner Grey!