Angel Numbers by Shape

Why numbers?  Numbers are the universal language.  Most humans have 10 fingers and 10 toes enabling communication through quantity.  God and the angels utilize this universal language to deliver messages.  I’ve devised a simple way to remember the meaning of numbers through examining their shape.

If a number is repeated (for instance 111, 333) then the meaning is amplified.  If it is a combination of numbers (3033, 1008), then the meaning is a combination of the vibrational components of all of the numbers involved.

This is my so-called angel number “alphabet.”  Once you know the basics, you can intuitively create your own number meanings and stories…just like writing a novel.  Author and PhD Doreen Virtue is an amazing source to learn more about angel numbers.

0—New beginnings.  Imagine an empty pool ready to fill up or envision stepping through a portal.

1—Manifestation.  Imagine a rope hanging from heaven to earth.  Heaven is working to manifest your conscious thoughts and desires as they are being sent straight up to the divine assembly line.  Conscious thought materializes through this number.

2—New partnership.  The number two is the first number to combine both curves and angles.  This is a new thought, idea, seeds being planted, the beginning action step in bringing a new idea to fruition.

3—Holy Trinity, ascended masters are with you.  The number three looks like a heart or a circle (the earth) cracked open.  “Fill my heart Lord,” “Come fill me,” are often things we pray or meditate upon inviting in the Holy Spirit or ascended masters into our body.

4—Angels are with you, balance. Imagine standing between multiple cords hanging from heaven to earth.  Once you grab ahold of one cord, the number four is formed.  Angels are surrounding you, they intervene based on invitation so be sure to invite them to help you…because they’re waiting!

5—Change.  The number five incorporates all angles, and is the most difficult number to write because it requires so much movement.  It also resonates with a very mathematical vibration.  Planets are aligning, trails are being blazed, and mountains are moving in precise time and measure to create change in your life.  Don’t fear it, life is very cyclical requiring change.

6—Very worldly, look to heaven.  Six is a round number, and the staff is going toward heaven but just misses curving back down.  Six’s staff never really makes it to the clouds.  This number is very concerned with worldly order and involvement.  It may be a call to look beyond this world for answers.

7—Divine magic.  Imagine that the top of the number seven is heaven and the bottom is a straight shot to earth.  Heaven is blasting magic down to you!  It’s like a lightning bolt, surprising and out of nowhere.  Doors are being blasted open, and magical, unexpected events are to come.

8—Abundance.  Eight resonates with infinity.  It’s the pure connection between heaven and earth in a reciprocated divine flow.  It also mimics the planetary orbits and vibrates in a very balanced and fulfilled frequency.  Abundance comes in many forms:  happiness, grace, joy, wealth, family.

9—The end of a phase, completion.  The number nine is shaped like a helium balloon.  Imagine letting it go.  Watch it float into space and disappear.  Number nine represents the end of an earthly phase.

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