Why Me and Why Now?!

SERIOUSLY!…no, REALLY? This cannot be happening right now…I am way too busy to deal with an injury. I can hardly take care of my family much less find time to take care of myself…and this pain. How am I going to fix this? Ever wonder why a physical injury is manifested at the worst possible time? Clarity is on the way! While listening to Hay House radio one day, I heard a snippet from a lecture given by a medical doctor turned spiritual teacher. She tells a story about discharging patients from the hospital. The night before their discharge, she would ask them to answer a few questions–something similar to the following: 1) Why do you think this happened now? 2) What was happening in your life to cause this? 3) Why do you think your (heart, ankle, foot, lung, etc…) was affected? Upon follow up the next day, she reports that every patient understood why the disease/injury occurred and what caused it. As a physical therapist, I can teach you all of the exercises, stretches, and techniques you need to recover from an injury, but the true cure and preventative strategy may be to fully understand what in your life caused the manifestation. Was it the wakeup call you needed or the factor that changed your life forever? Did it simply slow you down for a while to teach gratitude, appreciation, or grace? It may have even saved your life in the long run but the realization of the reason is likely for you to come to find. If you keep tearing ligaments or muscles, maybe you need to detach yourself from a situation. If you’ve broken more bones than you can count, maybe there’s emotional brokenness that needs attention. For constant migraines or tension, is there something you’re trying to shut out of your life or are you resisting facing a situation or accepting your life purpose? For TMJ, should you practice silence? If you were victimized in some way maybe you need to step out of that role and take charge of your life, honor yourself, find self-love. Chronic pain is the embodiment of answered prayers. God…why?! He’s trying to tell you. Start thinking about what may lay beyond the physical manifestation, what is broken spiritually, socially, or emotionally? Sometimes the cure isn’t complete alleviation but acceptance, acknowledgement and a new perspective.

The Kicker–
Literally hours after I finished this blog post, I got the phone call….the mysterious “why is my husband calling me at work” call. He was on his way to the children’s hospital with my son. Thank God it was nothing life-threatening but a clavicle fracture that should heal on its own. Why me, why now? As I stared at my angel sitting as a tiny boy on a huge cot in triage, I wrestled with why God used this to get my attention. Maybe he needs some extra cuddling from mommy and daddy, maybe it’s a lesson to our daughter not to push him (she gets in trouble constantly for bullying and pushing him—ya’ know, big sis problems), maybe he needs to learn how to take up for himself. Either way, it made me reflect not only on his physical needs but his social, spiritual, and emotional needs. It also made me thank God for…well, everything.

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