A Life of Discomfort: Our Human Situation

There is a time for being uncomfortable. It’s the uncomfortable moments that make you grow, change for the good, learn to accept, learn to cope, and learn to take care of yourself and others. It’s being uncomfortable in the uncomfortable that creates problems. Creating comfort in the presence of the opposite can be nurturing. As my Crossfit coach says “get comfortable in the uncomfortable!” In my physical therapy practice, I find that those who cannot tolerate dis-ease or discomfort have the strongest manifestations of their problems. This intolerance often leads to unhealthy habits, thought patterns, and addictions. In the presence of happiness, there is sadness. Likewise, in the presence of healing, there is destruction. Muscular micro tears is what ultimately makes the muscle stronger, friction and heat can stimulate an injured tendon to heal, breaking scar tissue improves flexibility and range of motion.

This world is not perfect, and this life flawed. We cannot allow ourselves to mask our human situation. No one wants to exercise every day, no one wants to push themselves to a place of discomfort. The only things our human selves want is have fun and feel good—but our soul is here to work. Our soul is here to accomplish something that cannot be accomplished in a perfect realm. Recall Jesus’ walk—not easy or comfortable. We must remind our human selves that drugs, alcohol, pills, and potions are not the answer—they simply mask the world. This mask covers our life’s purpose and inhibits our ability to accomplish the tasks God intended.

Being the broken record that I am, a steady payer and/or meditation practice can help ease fear and anxiety. It will also help reconnect you to your life purpose and God. Daily exercise releases our body’s natural feel-good hormones (which drugs try to mimic). Remember that your body is not going to volunteer to work hard but the soul will sacrifice pleasure for your well being and health. Listen to your soul—get up, move, and create. The next time you are trying to make a change, such as starting a new exercise program, initiating healthy eating, recovering from a surgery, or improving your mood, remember that change requires a shift in your standards of relative normalcy. A shift in normalcy creates some discomfort, but hang in there, an epiphany (mental or physical) is on the way! In honor of the forth of July, I am encouraging you to have the mind of a solider–step out of your comfort zone, sacrifice destructive, self-pleasing activities, and fight for the good within and around yourself.

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