Monthly Archives: May 2015

Balance and Symmetry

I read an article recently that revealed why men age with grace.  The answer was symmetry.

Practicing physical therapy has taught me many things, but the most important lesson is that of symmetry and balance.  Every ache, every pain, every deficit comes down to imbalance.  My soap box is one of symmetry.  What am I talking about?

Do you feel that your non-dominant side is “worthless?”  Do you always sleep in the exact same position every night?  Do you always smirk leading with the right side of your mouth?  Do you always squint with the same eye to see something clearly?—this is what I’m talking about.  Clinical observations between sexes have not revealed that men are more symmetrical than women in my practice but the idea is profound.  “Pretend like you are a kid again!” This is an anthem I often declare.  Why?  Kids are symmetrical, they bend, twist, move, and allow every part of their body to be an option for movement and function.  As adults we lose this.  If you really want to get crazy, remember how Jesus encourages us to be more childlike? See?!! Even Jesus agrees!
In the plantar fasciitis blog, I referenced a balance between masculine and feminine, this principle can be upheld for all diagnosis in my opinion.  It is extremely important to balance movements and postures to prevent overuse injuries and repetitive pain syndromes.  I believe obtaining balance will also prevent or resolve system level impairments.

As you go through your day think about reaching for something with the non-dominant hand, smile leading with the opposite side of your mouth, raise the opposite eye brow, sleep in a different posture, lay on your stomach, bend backwards, try to touch your toes—go crazy, do a cartwheel!  Don’t limit yourself just because you are an adult, a female, a male, right or left handed, and not a kid.  Begin to embrace the idea that our bodies are made to move in all the directions God gave us.  Also seek to find symmetry and balance emotionally, spiritually, vocationally, and physically.  An injury or a disease stems from imbalance—seek to evenly weight your life so that your function and purity may be restored.

As always, you must actively seek the advice and assessment of appropriate health care professionals.  This information may only supplement your knowledge.